Wheat flour train derailed disrupting services on Eastern Line



The train services on the Eastern Railway Line were disrupted due to the derailment of a train carrying Prima wheat flour from China bay harbour in Trincomalee to Seeduwa early this morning at the Maho Railway Station.

Accordingly, the night mail train running from Colombo Fort to Trincomalee, Pulathisi Intercity Express running from Batticaloa to Colombo Fort and another train running from Maho to Batticaloa were delayed.

The night mail train which was supposed to leave early in the morning ran late at around 5.15 am.

The railway track was not damaged due to the derailment but two sets of wheels of the guard compartment and one wheel of one container compartment carrying what flour were derailed.

Trains running on the Eastern Railway Line change its course at the Maho Junction. Due to the length of the Prima wheat flour train, four compartments were removed to clear the track, a railways spokesman said.



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