Who is ‘Abuhid’?, questions NPP



No investigation has been done on the individual named ‘Abuhid’ who has been linked to the Easter Sunday bombings, Upul Kumarapperuma P.C. has said.

Speaking at a media briefing held by the National People’s Power (NPP) yesterday (April 17), he said that it is yet to be ascertained whether this individual is an ISIS member, a foreigner, a local or whether this name is real, fake or an alias.

The name had come into light before the Presidential Commission of Inquiry appointed on the bombings and is said to have functioned above the group of bombers including Zahran.

Speaking further, Mr. Kumarapperuma said that the creation of the suicide squad that committed the bombings, was a brainwashing that had continued for several years.

He pointed out that training such a squad was not easy as following a cookery video on Youtube.

“Soon after the attacks, the then Inspector General of Police – Pujitha Jayasundara and Defence Ministry secretary – Hemasiri Fernando were acquitted. In addition, a special criminal case is still being heard before three High Court judges. Apart from that, no other criminal case has been filed so far,” he added.

The NPP has pledged that proper legal action will be instituted under their administration against those implicated, either directly or indirectly, in the 2019 Easter Sunday terror attacks.

In a statement, the NPP highlighted that the government has an obligation towards the victims of this heinous act while raising questions as to whether this has been properly fulfilled.

The party also presented a 7-point action plan that it intends to implement under a future NPP government to serve justice to the Easter attack victims.


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