Woman arrested for blackmailing gem businessman



A woman who allegedly filmed her having sex with a married gem businessman on a mobile phone and demanded a ransom of Rs.7 million by threatening to release the video was arrested by the officers of the Kalutara Crime Investigation Division on the day before yesterday (17).
Accordingly, the 32-year-old mother of two residing in Maligawatta was arrested along with a 45-year-old man residing in Wattala.
The suspects were arrested based on a complaint made to the Kalutara Crime Investigation Division by the gem businessman from Beruwala.
The businessman had met the suspect while he was in India for a business purpose and they had spent the night together in a hotel.
The police said that the suspect had secretly recorded them having sex on her mobile phone.
The two had arrived in Sri Lanka on the 14th.
The police said the woman has made a phone call to the businessman and threatened to release the video recording of them having sex to his familiy if she was not given Rs.7 million.
The businessman had initially credited Rs.1 million to her account and after a few days, she had again threatened him demanding the rest of the money.
When he was harassed demanding money for the second time, the businessman complained to the Kalutara Crime Investigation Division.
Accordingly, police officers took action to arrest the woman after informing her to come to Kalutara to collect the rest of the money.
The male suspect who arrived in the vehicle with the suspected woman was also arrested on charges of aiding and abetting extortion.
The vehicle was also taken into police custody and the police said that the male suspect works as a driver.
Police said the arrested woman had left for India several times a month and brought gold and textiles with her and had sold them to local businessmen.


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