World Press Freedom Day today!



The World Press Freedom Day is being celebrated today (03) under the theme “Shaping a Future of Rights: Freedom of Expression as a Driver for all other human rights.”

The United Nations declared the Press Freedom Day in 1993 and this year marks its 30th Anniversary.

This day has been named as Press Freedom Day to commemorate Colombian journalist Guillermo Cano who was brutally murdered in front of his newspaper office on December 17, 1986.

International organizations that advocate for the rights of journalists said that 929 journalists have been killed around the world in the last ten years.

Iraq has been named as the most dangerous country for journalists followed by Syria.

Sri Lankan journalists have also suffered owing to many undue influences.

Media organisations are of the opinion that the recently discussed Anti-Terrorism Bill would pose a significant threat to the media.

Last year, the first place in the World Press Freedom Index was secured by Norway out of 180 countries while Sri Lanka was ranked 146th.


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