It's pigs galore also in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam  (AFP) It's pigs galore also in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam (AFP)
Feb 05, 2019

World celebrates Lunar New Year

Over a billion people around the world have begun celebrating the Lunar New Year and the start of the Year of the Pig.

In China that means millions of people have travelled to their hometowns, in the largest annual human migration.

Also known as the Spring Festival, the Lunar New Year is celebrated by countries across Asia.

Fireworks, special clothes, red lanterns and lots of food will mark the occasion.

The pig, one of the 12 signs of the Chinese zodiac, is believed to be a symbol of optimism, enthusiasm and hard work.

(Story / Pics : BBC News)

PigYear1 670px 19 02 05In Bangkok, performers dressed up as pigs to celebrate the Lunar New Year (EPA)

PigYear2 670px 19 02 05The pig will feature heavily in this year's festivities, like this giant pig installation in Hong Kong (AFP/GETTY)

PigYear4 670px 19 02 05At the Temple of Heaven in Beijing , performers rehearse a re-enactment of an imperial sacrifice ritual (EPA)

PigYear5 670px 19 02 05Each year, millions in China travel home for family reunions (REUTERS)

PigYear6 670px 19 02 05The journey can take hours or even days, in overcrowded trains or on jammed highways (GETTY)

PigYear7 670px 19 02 05 A diver at Seaworld Marine Park in Jakarta waves to children on the eve of the Spring Festival (REUTERS)

PigYear8 670px 19 02 05Buildings like the Sydney Opera House were lit up with red lights to celebrate the entry of the new year (EPA)

PigYear9 670px 19 02 05Meanwhile in Manila, children perform the "Liong", also known as the Dragon dance, with improvised props (AFP/GETTY)

PigYear10 670px 19 02 05In Indonesia's Bali, dancers perform the "Liong" at a temple (EPA)

PigYear11 670px 19 02 05It's pigs galore also in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam (AFP)

PigYear12 670px 19 02 05This US installation called "a golden year" has been erected in a Hong Kong shopping arcade (AFP/GETTY)

PigYear13 670px 19 02 05Alongside festivities, worshippers gathered at temples, like this one in Bangkok's Chinatown (EPA)