Apr 14, 2019

Lotus Tower to be assigned to a company (pics)

Minister of Digital Security and Information Technology Ajith P. Perera says that he has been informed that the Lotus Tower which has been acquired the Ministry of Defense will be operated under a company to be formed.

He said this when he was inquired by Sri Lanka Mirror on the launch of Lotus Tower before the New Year.

He also said that he is not aware on opening day of the Lotus Tower.

However, the Tower was planned to be opened in May / June, Sri Lanka Mirror learned.

"One Belt - One Road"

The Lotus Tower was built by the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission.

EXIM Bank provided a USD 104.3m loan to the Telecommunication Regulatory Commission for the construction of the tower under the People's Republic of China's stratergic development assistance initiative to develop infrastructure of countries that are connected to " One Belt - One Road " program.

The income of the lotus tower will be generated from tourism and leasing out the space for transmission antennas.

It is capable of hosting antennas of 50 television channels and 20 telecommunication providers.

It will be the largest television tower in South Asia.

The main contractor of the project is China National Electronics Import and Export Corporation (CEIEC).

The tower was built by Chinese and Sri Lankan workers.

The tower is not only just a communication tower, but also it has hotels, a shopping complex, and a conference center.

Photo Credits - Xinhua/Guo Lei

                                  Workers clean the Lotus Tower in Colombo
                                       A worker cleans inside the Lotus Tower in Colombo
                                               Aerial photo 
5                                               Aerial photo
                              The night view of the Lotus Tower 
                              Workers clean the Lotus Tower
                                 Railway view of the Lotus Tower