May 20, 2019

Reaping profits from the drought (Pics)

Although droughts is generally perceived as a season of woe for many, it is indeed lucrative for some industries.

Salt production can be named as such a industry reaping lucrative profits during the dry season.

With the prevailing drought conditions in the Puttalam area, salt production is on the rise and especially successful in the areas of Karaitivu, Manaltivu, Sevantivu, Karayaturai and Palaviya areas.

In addition, the season has also brought lucrative profits from the Puttalam saltern.

The saltern profits depend on the livelihood and the economic survival of many residents in the region. However, it is no secret that the majority of the profits end up with the industrialists due to labour being undervalued.

However, the woes do not end there.

Also, those who use traditional methods are at an disadvantage while price fluctuation of salt due to high production levels too, adds to their woes.

(Pics : Priyankara Kalupahana - Puttalam)