Jan 23, 2017

How the Women's March swept the globe

On Jan. 21, tens of thousands of women poured into the streets to protest against Donald Trump's presidency and to campaign for women's rights and human rights.

Massive crowds took to the streets in Washington D.C and across the US, with many of them donning pink hats with cat ears — a nod to Trump’s comment about grabbing women “by the pussy.”

Similarly, many of sister marches have already taken place in around 600 locations across the globe.

From Australia to India, the Czech Republic to the UK, thousands of women have taken to the streets in the name of equality, equal rights, civil rights and economic opportunity.

The following are several pictures of women and men who gathered in solidarity with the Washington D.C protest, which was the site of the main protest.

Washington D.C. , US
Mario Tama (Getty Images)

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(Sait Serkan Gurbuz / Associated Press)

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(Jennifer Roberts / The Globe And Mail)

Wellington, New Zealand
new zealand 1
(Joshua Gimblett/Reuters)

Sydney, Australia
(AAP/Dan Himbrechts/Reuters)

Berlin, Germany
berlin 1
(Hannibal Hanschke/Reuters)

Ahmedabad, India
ahdemebad 1
(Amit Dave/Reuters)

Madrid, Spain
spain 2
(Javier Barbancho/Reuters)

London, UK
london 2
(Neil Hall, Reuters)

Dublin, Ireland
dublin 1
(Clodagh Kilcoyne/Reuters)

Brasilia, Brazil
Brasilia 1

Mexico City
Mexico City 2

Nairobi, Kenya
Nairobi Kenya

Tel Aviv, Israel
Nairobi Kenya