Sep 23, 2020

Coconuts provided at Rs. 60! (Pics)

A program has been initiated to provide coconuts to the people at concessionary prices through the Coconut Cultivation Board (CCB).

According to the CCB, measures were underway since yesterday (22) to sell coconuts to the general public in Colombo and Colombo suburbs using mobile vehicles, at a price of Rs. 60.

State minister of Coconut, Kithul, Palmyrah, and Rubber Cultivation Promotion and Related Industrial Product Manufacturing & Export Diversification  - Arundika Fernando said that coconuts will not be imported under any circumstances.

A few days back, the minister splashed headlines after addressing the media from a coconut tree.

Noting that the country is facing a shortage of 700 million coconuts, the State Minister added that the main reason for the shortage is the high demand for local industries and domestic consumption.

(Pics : Government Information Department)

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