Mar 07, 2021

‘Black Sunday’ marked | Pics

Sri Lankan Catholics marked ‘Black Sunday’ (07), demanding justice for the victims of the deadly Easter Sunday bombings in 2019.

The Catholic Archdiocese said that Catholics were instructed to attend Sunday Service across all Catholic churches in Sri Lanka, wearing black.

Placards were also displayed calling for justice.

A special service was also held in churches calling for justice for the victims of the April 21 attacks.

Arrangements were made to ring the bells in all Catholic churches in the island at 8.45 am today, the Catholic Archbishop said. Archbishop Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith has also requested representatives of all political parties not to politicize the protests.

Several political groups as well as Buddhist and Muslim organisations have pledged support to the protest.

Meanwhile, the Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB), Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP), and several civil society organizations have decided to support the protest.

A group of Buddhist monks have extended their support to the Black Sunday protest.

Ven. Elle Gunawansa Thera said the Easter Sunday bombings were not only an attack on the catholic community but on Buddhists, Hindus and all other communities.

The Muslim Council of Sri Lanka (MCSL) also endorsed the call by the Cardinal to “investigate and prosecute those who masterminded the dastardly terrorist attacks of 21st April 2019. The MCSL requests all Muslims to join the call by His Eminence Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith for silent protests on Sunday the 7th of March 2021. The Muslim community joins all Sri Lankans in asking for an immediate and impartial enquiry to find the people responsible for planning and carrying out the terrorist attacks and bring them to justice” a press release issued by the council said.

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