May 26, 2021

One last chance before Vesak (Pics)

Today (25) marks the Vesak full moon day, which is the most revered of all full moon days for Buddhists worldwide.

In the wake of the prevailing travel restrictions imposed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Sri Lankans are urged to celebrate the event in their homes with their families.

Among the most who were severely hit are seasonal street vendors selling Vesak decorations including various lanterns, paper and candles.

Although the sight of many vendors selling multi coloured Vesak lanterns was a common scene in the pre-pandemic days, they have taken an economic hit for the second year running. Things have gone from bad to worse for them with travel restrictions and adverse weather conditions fuelled by the intensified 'Yaas' cyclonic storm adding to their woes.

With islandwide travel restrictions relaxed yesterday (25), the public was requested to walk to their nearest stores to get necessities. The following are several scenes from the almost empty town of Nugegoda last afternoon, where people were getting their supplies replenished.

Meanwhile, a few Vesak decoration vendors held on to a final ray of hope of having a few more last minute sales before it was time to pack up their goods - most of which remained unsold.

(Pics : Shanika Jayasekara)

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