Dec 17, 2021

Mahanama's new autobiography launched in Colombo (Pics)

Legendary Sri Lankan cricketer and ICC elite Panel Match Referee ‘Deshabandu” Roshan Mahanama yesterday (16) launched his self-published autobiography titled ‘My Innings, Roshan Mahanama - Retired Hurt to the Best View of the Game’.

The latest book contains contents of a revised version of his earlier self-published autobiography “Retired Hurt” published in 2001.

Mahanama is known to be a stylish batsman and more prominently a world-class fielder that caught the eyes of millions of fans across the world. Behind this stylish batsman, the world-class fielder, or one of the greatest Ambassadors of the Gentlemen’s Game, there is a bigger story. A story of a young boy playing in the streets, who looked up to some of the greats in the game and dreamt about becoming one.

Soon after his early retirement from International Cricket as a player, Mahanama self-published his Autobiography in the year 2001, with Ken Piesse, who is one of Australia’s foremost cricket/sports writers and commentators. The book titled “Retired Hurt” resembled Mahanama’s memories and experiences about childhood, baptism to cricket, leading his way up to becoming a national hero, and the challenges he confronted till his retirement. The book was published by Sarvodaya Publishers and was a best-seller at the time.

“My Innings, Roshan Mahanama- Retired Hurt to the Best View of the Game” is the latest edition which showcases and highlights his experiences, thoughts, and opinions in retrospect of enjoying the Best View of the Game as an ICC Elite Panel Match Referee, an Administrator, a Coach and most importantly as a Father, a Grandfather and a Responsible citizen of the country.

This latest self-published autobiography of Roshan Mahanama includes a revised version of the contents carried in the first book “Retired Hurt” along with new chapters about his life after retirement, highlighting how he transformed himself from a player to an Administrator of the game that he loves so passionately. The updated book was written by Ashan Peiris, a young and upcoming corporate personality with a sound background in cricket, who captained St. Thomas’s College and represented the Sri Lanka Under-19 team. The book is published by Darshana Publishers and it is available in both English and Sinhala languages. The book will be available for readers to purchase from all the leading bookshops in the country and on leading digital platforms.

Most importantly, the book “My Innings, Roshan Mahanama- Retired Hurt to the Best View of the Game” will make history as the first-ever book published by an ICC Elite Panel Match Referee. After covering the cost of publishing/printing the books, the remaining proceeds generated from the sale of the books will be used for charitable causes that are spearheaded by Mahanama.

The launch of the book “My Innings, Roshan Mahanama - Retired Hurt to the Best View of the Game” was held in Colombo yesterday as a “Virtual Book Launch’ to ensure precautionary measures were taken to adhere to the Country’s health guidelines. The event was graced by his first coach, Mr. Nelson Mendis, Mr. Jonathan Alles as the key few other close friends and Mahanama's family.

(Pics - Shanika Jayasekara)

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