Oct 31, 2016

Kurokis’ garden of love (pics)

It is often said that love conquers all. For the Kurokis’ it did indeed and their story continues to touch the hearts of millions around the globe.

Toshiyuki Kuroki and his wife Yasuko, from Miyazaki Prefecture in Japan, have been married for over 60 years and are parents of two children. But their lives haven't been a bed of roses.

They had been married for 30 years when Mrs Kuroki began having problems with her sight. Within a week Mrs Kuroki had gone blind, after suffering complications from her diabetes. Depressed, she began to withdraw and stay indoors.

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Deeply concerned, Mrs. Kuroki struggled to think of a solution. One day, Mr Kuroki noticed passersby admiring their small garden, which was filled with bright pink shibazakura flowers, also known as moss phlox.

He thought that if he planted more blooms, his wife would be drawn out outdoors by their scent and more people coming to see the blooms would help to keep his lonely wife company.

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So he quit his dairy farm and started to grow a carpet of the pink flowers, surrounding their house and creating a striking and beautiful landscape.

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The whole garden has taken more than a decade to create with Mr Kuroki spent the first two years just clearing the landscape.

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Now, throughout the months of March and April, the pink flowers are in full bloom, creating a beautiful carpet of pink blossom around their home.

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The garden now attracts more than 7,000 visitors every year. But it's not just the landscape full of bright pink flowers that attract the visitors, they are also drawn by the couple's love story.

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Through his care in creating the beautiful garden out of his love, Mr Kuroki has been able to pull his wife back out of her deep depression.

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The old sheds where the couple used to keep their herd of 60 cows has been transformed into a centre, documenting their story.

Despite being blind, Mrs Kuroki now sits in the visitors centre and happily talk to people.

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And so, love did indeed conquer all.

(Pics : Dailymail)