Jun 19, 2022

Long eared goat might become Guiness record holder! (Pics) 

A new-born goat could be named a world record holder after being born with unusually long ears measuring 19 inches.

Simba the goat, meaning lion in Swahili, was born in Karachi, Pakistan just days ago, but has already become a local celebrity.

Nubian goats have the longest ears of any species - but Simba's are even longer.

The adorable goat is believed to be around two weeks old and his ears are so long they drag on the floor as he walks.

There is currently no goat holding a Guinness World Record for the longest ears - but there are dogs who hold the same honour.

Simba's owner, Muhammad Hassan Narejo, is already fond of Simba and said: 'We hope soon Simba will be a Guinness world record holder.'

(Excerpts : Dailymail)

Simba Goat 1 22 06 19

Simba Goat 2 22 06 19

Simba Goat 3 22 06 19

Simba Goat 4 22 06 19

Simba Goat 5 22 06 19

Simba Goat 6 22 06 19

Simba Goat 7 22 06 19