Nov 09, 2016

Be liberated with Liberado

Liberado, the latest lifestyle fashion brand was successfully launched on the 29th of October 2016 at Excel World Colombo 02.

Liberado celebrates life, breaking free from all its restrictions, superstitions and traditions.

The launch began with a pop up store at the location followed by a very trendy and energetic fashion show.

The fashion show was definitely the key highlight of the day catching the eyes of the spectators with 04 astounding segments displaying the amazing styles of Liberado ranging from Dresses, Tops, Rompers and Jumpsuits for girls and Tees, shirts, shorts and pants for guys.

The brands theme of breaking boundaries was perfectly presented through all its new styles setting a new life style to the youth of Sri Lanka. The energy that was maintained throughout the fashion show proved to the crowd that this brand will definitely change the way people look at fashion in the days to come.

Hasith Suriyapperuma, the founder of Liberado expressed the thought behind the concept of his brand stating that Liberado is a lifestyle fashion brand that represents freedom, youth and style, inspired by the love for fashion, the thirst for a challenge and the compulsion for liberation. The brand is aspiring to be the finest casual fashion brand in the island with the hopes of hovering in to the global market

These trendy outfits can be purchased from their website or through their Facebook page -

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