Maithri Yugayak Thirasara Sanwardanayak
Sep 08, 2017

Kimberly's 'Inject Art' (Pics)

Kimberly Joy Mallo Magbanua is a registered nurse in a hospital in the Philippines who got a luminous idea through her work.

While administering medication to her patients, she began to get an idea to use old syringes to spray paint instead of conventional painting.

Armed with a few syringes, without needles, Kimberly went to work and the result was amazing.

On black backgrounds, she succeeds in displaying very lively scenes and especially colorful scenes.

In a post on 'Bored Panda', Kimberly says that the words “Inject Art" popped up in her mind when she was giving medications to my patients.

“Inject some art to your life to make it more colorful”. Then, an idea struck that time, “Why don’t I try to fill the syringes up with paints… and do my art?” And so I did!," she adds.

(Pics :





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