Nov 19, 2017

Jaffna’s palmyrah groves being replaced by coconut trees? (Pics)

For generations, palmyrah groves have been synonymous with the north, whereas the south considers coconut groves as their equal.

But, people of the north are now felling their palmyrah trees and plant coconuts in their place, due to the economic value of the latter becoming several times higher.

During a tour in the Northern region, the 'Sri Lanka Mirror’ team witnessed felled palmyrah trees being burnt and coconut plants taking root there on a commercial scale.

Compared to a lifespan of 200 years for a palmyrah tree, a coconut tree lives only half that period.

Several decades ago in the north, the dowry in a marriage included palmyrah trees, but that tradition has died now.

In many areas, coconut trees are seen flourishing among the forms of broken Palmyrah trees damaged during the 30-year long war.

Special report from Jaffna...

(Pics : Kelum Shivantha | Shanika Jayasekara)

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