Nov 23, 2017

Vending machine for condoms in Colombo (Pics)

Developed countries are promoting the use of condoms with the aim of reducing sexually transmitted diseases being spread as well as to encourage safe sex.

Therefore condoms can be obtained at any time from vending machines installed in public places.

Sri Lanka too, now following the same strategy, has installed a condom vending machine at Bullers Lane, Colombo.

Once someone's mobile phone number is added to this smart vending machine, the client will receive a pin number.

He will be able to get a condom by inserting that pin number into the machine.

One packet will be charged Rs. 50 and it will be added to the monthly mobile bill.

Although the condom vending machine is still being spoken of as a new invention, it was initially introduced by Geman national Julius From in 1928.

(Pics : Facebook page of Sandun Arosha Fernando)

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