Nov 27, 2017

Fishing together (Pics)

For centuries, fishing has been an occupation of many in the Northern peninsula of Jaffna.

In the blue, clear seas bountiful with fish, fishing is now one of the biggest commercial trades in the region. However, there are many who still use traditional and basic equipment to catch a few fish for a meal.

The following scenes are from the shores of Dambakolapatuna, Jaffna where a lone fisherman was kept company by his faithful pet. 

Again and again, the fisherman cast his nets, till he ensnared the bounties of the sea. 
The furry friend followed his master to the surf quite unperturbed by the waves lapping at his paws. 

- Shanika Jayasekara

(Pics : Kelum Shivantha | Shanika Jayasekara)

Fishing1 670px 17 11 27.jpg

The gentle light caresses the waves that flow  

Fishing2 670px 17 11 27.jpg

And rise through the groves where palmyrahs grow

Fishing3 670px 17 11 27A lone man walks… 

Fishing4 670px 17 11 27.jpgWell… not quite alone.

Fishing5 670px 17 11 27.jpgHe casts his nets...

Fishing6 670px 17 11 27.jpgAlas! in vain.

Fishing7 670px 17 11 27.jpgHe comes up

Fishing8 670px 17 11 27.jpgTo drape his nets once again.

Fishing9 670px 17 11 27.jpgThrough the rising sun his nets shimmer gold.

Fishing10 670px 17 11 27.jpg.jpgAs if hell-bent to do better, under the poor man’s hold.

Fishing11 670px 17 11 27.jpg.jpgFlanked by his partner - 

Fishing12 670px 17 11 27.jpg.jpgA cup of warm sunshine & glee…

Fishing13 670px 17 11 27.jpg.jpgHe strides back much happier... netting bounties of the sea.

Fishing14 670px 17 11 27.jpgTangled, gasping, their eyes grow dim

Fishing15 670px 17 11 27.jpg.jpgAs they slowly give up their lives for him.