Nov 28, 2016

Authorities make a muddy hole out of a gravel road!

Authorities have made a muddy hole out a gravel road maintained by Lankapura divisional secretariat in Polonnaruwa, according to reports reaching Sri Lanka Mirror.

While renovating the road, soil, instead of gravel, had been used to fill the road.

This stretch of road is yet to be named, and area residents refer to it as the BOP 400 road near Nanayakkara’s boutique.

P.R. Annesley Nonis, who has been living there since 1958 says, the road now looks like a paddy field, and a vehicle cannot go on the road, or no one can walk down the road.

He demanded the authorities leave the road as it used to be previously, if they cannot renovate it properly.

Another resident, Ariyawathie Menike said the contractor was to be blamed, adding that hundreds of thousands of rupees had been approved, but soil was put on the road at a cost or around Rs. 10,000.

Now it looks like a paddy field, and we have now planted paddy plants on the road as nothing else can be done, she said.

When contacted, divisional secretary Indika Karunaratne said a sum of Rs. 150,000 has been allotted for the road renovation, but that the money will not be released until the road is renovated properly.

(pictures W.A. Piyatilake)

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P.R. Annesley Nonis

Lankapura2 600px 16 11 28

Ariyawathie Menike

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Lankapura4 600px 16 11 28

 Paddy plants planted on the muddy road

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Lankapura6 600px 16 11 28

 Vehicles cannot travel on the road

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Muddy road