Mar 20, 2018

Sour deal for local farmers due to imported oranges (pics)

The farmers of Nawagaththegama lament that although they had successfully grown and obtained a bumper harvested of local sweet oranges, they are unable to get a fair price for their produce.

Over 500 acres of sweet oranges are being grown in the Nawagaththegama, Mahaandarawewa area.

The farmers pointed out that around 500 orange plans can be planted on an acre of land and after two years the harvest can be obtained, and will continue to bear fruit for the next 10 years.

They assured that no chemical fertilizer or pesticides are added to their crops, while even during the drought season, these orange plantations can produce fruits.

Many farmers have resorted to growing oranges as there is no threat from wild life and elephants for this crop.

However, these farmers lament that due to the import of various varieties of oranges, there is no demand for the local oranges.

Therefore, these farmers seek the attention of the government or private sector in mediating and purchasing the local oranges, enabling these orange farmers to further develop and expand their cultivations.