Apr 04, 2018

Elephant calf rescued from waterhole (Pics)

The Karuwalagaswewa wildlife officials had taken measures to rescue an elephant calf that had fallen into a waterhole and take him to the Pandulagama, Anuradhapura regional wildlife office for treatment.

The elephant calf was rescued on April 03.

The Karuwalagaswewa regional secretary Janaka Balasooriya had been notified that an elephant calf had fallen into a water filled hole in a quarry in the middle of a jungle area in Kuda Medawachchiya in Karuwalagaswewa. Acting swiftly, the said officer had gathered a team of wildlife officers and rushed to the location and rescued the elephant calf.

The elephant calf is said to be around four years old and it had sustained injuries to its legs and mouth.

The wildlife officers said the elephant calf may have been in the water hole for around two days and may have sustained the injuries while trying to get out of it.

They suspect that the elephant calf may have come to that spot with its mother and not being able to rescue the calf, the mother elephant may have abandoned it and returned to the jungle.

pics - (Pix by Jude Samantha – Puttalam correspondent)