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Dec 15, 2016

Tiny shops for mice

What do you think of tiny mouse sized shops filled with all the good things to eat?

Sounds like a scene out of a Beatrix Potter tale. Pretty much so.

Anonymouse, an anonymous collective of artists, have spent quite some time creating very small shops for mice around Sweden.

Infact, they have open a couple of them at once. The 70×30 cm (about 25×12 inch) stores are located in Malmö, Sweden and they have wide menus that mice can choose their meals from.

One of them is selling nuts and the other offers cheese. Besides the well-crafted interiors, there are posters about upcoming mice concerts and other events. The amount of detail that went into creating this street art installation is huge!

Check out this super small, super cute work of art.

(Pics : Boredpanda)

Anymouse1 600px 16 12 15

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