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A ride along the ‘Seine of Beijing’ (pics/video)



The Liangma river of the Chaoyang district in Beijing is a beautiful area that serves as a window to modern China

With a history that goes as far as the Ming dynasty’s Yongle era, the Liangma river today has been transformed to an international style waterfront and is dubbed as the ‘Seine of Beijing’ by Chinese media.

The river passes through the embassy zone, Jiuxianqiao Bridge and Chaoyang Park, before joining the Bahe river.

The construction of the Liangma River International Waterfront commenced in April 2019 before opening to the public in 2020 August.

The Waterfront starts from the Xiangheyuan Road in the west, runs through Sanlitun, Zuojiazhuang, Maizidian sub-districts and Chaoyang Park, and ends at the East Fourth Ring North Road. Spanning 5.58km, the Waterfront boasts a construction area of 80.76 hectares, including a water area of 16.67 hectares and a green area of 64.09 hectares.

In 2022, the extended construction of the Liangma River tourism project was started in Chaoyang District, covering “one river, two lakes, 24 bridges and 18 scenic spots”, including such main attractions as Dragon in the Water, National Beauty, Heavenly Fragrance and Qingyi Small Scene. After the project is completed, Chaoyang Park and Honglingjin Park will be integrated to form a 6km cruise route from the 3rd Ring Road to Honglingjin Lake.

(Script ‍| Video ‍| Pics – Kelum Shivantha reporting from Beijing)

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