Sep 04, 2018

Jakarta pilgrimage ends without a medal! Featured

Sri Lanka were left without a medal at the 18th Asian Games that concluded on September 02 at Jakarta in Indonesia.

For the 173 male and female athletes and 78 officials and many others who were there on unofficial capacity, it was merely a pilgrimage.

China headed the medals table for 39 medal winning countries.

Other than the men’s 400 m relay team and the rugby team that narrowly missed winning bronze medals, the performance by the Sri Lankans was far below the Asian standards.

According to minister Faizer Mustafa, the sports ministry had allocated Rs. 25 million on the team, while the amount spent by the National Olympic Committee is yet to be announced.

For Mustafa, the NOC as well as the participants, what is important is not medals, but he participation and the experience gained.

However, a big question remains as to why the contingent comprised mostly those who have failed at least to reach the South Asian standards.

The Sri Lankan contingent is due to return home this evening (03).

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