Oct 18, 2019

Harin’s Secretary Blasts Olympic Committee Featured

As the National Olympic Committee had failed to produce credible expenditure estimates, the Rs. 100 million allocated for them by the government, has been utilised for the upcoming South Asian Games expenses through the Sports Ministry, said the Telecommunications, Foreign Employment and Sports Ministry Secretary Chulananda Perera.

He said this during a media briefing organised with regard to the South Asian Games. During this media briefing he slammed the National Olympic Committee as an arrogant and arbitrary NGO which does not contribute in any way for the welfare of this country’s sports.

Chulananda said that the National Olympic Committee does not function under the Sports Ministry, thus the Sports Ministry does not have the authority to subject this organisation to a proper audit. Hence, he noted that the National Olympic Committee had threatened that if attempts are made to subject this committee to an audit, instead of raising the national flag Sri Lanka would have to raise the white flag at the Olympic Games.

Despite their arrogance, the National Olympic Committee had requested for Rs. 100 million for their expenses and although the government had agreed to allocate this amount, as it falls under his purview, Chulananda had asked the National Olympic Committee for a breakdown of their expenses.

However, the National Olympic Committee had failed to respond for several months and eventually they had sent details of the proposed expenses for this money to the Department of National Planning and the Treasury.

Chulananda explained that upon examining their proposed expenditure it was found that Rs. 10 million had been allocated for the modernization of the National Olympic Committee building. However, as he was not satisfied with the building plan, the allocation made by the government had been directed towards the preparation work of the South Asian Games.