Feb 13, 2017

Vehicle misuses at SLC too

Sri Lanka Cricket still pays for the cars it had rented for the home series against Australia four months ago, media reports.

SLC continues to supply fuel for the vehicles, whose monthly rental is Rs. 160,000 per vehicle.

Meanwhile, a personal assistant to the SLC president, Priyantha Soyza, draws a Rs. 150,000 salary and uses a SLC van, although only management level officers are entitled to a vehicle.

Soyza is being paid for the van he has hired to SLC and which he currently uses.

Executive committee members of SLC, who have volunteered their services after getting elected from sports club votes, make personal use of SLC-owned vehicles.

The media has released a list of vehicles being misued at SLC.

They are PH 4267 by Anura Weerasinghe, PL 6669 by Shammi Silva, CAA 4256 and CAA 7290 by Sujeewa Godaliyadde, PF 0345 by Krishantha Silva,  CAA 4263 and CAA 6263 by Ravin Wickremaratne, PG 2395 by Priyantha Soyza, KI 4455 by Aruna de Silva and KM 7285 by Shibly Wilcassim, who also supplieds cricket gear for SLC.