Mar 12, 2017

New rules block sports association mafia! Featured

Sports minister Dayasiri Jayasekara has imposed new regulations on conducting elections of office-bearers for national sports associations this year.

They are included in a gazette issued on February 09, amending certain orders in the previous gazette notification in October last year.

Accordingly, all sports associations should hold their elections before May 31.

A positive step

Sports critics say the new rules are a positive step towards preventing the re-election of corrupt and authoritarian officials accused of inefficiency, corruption and fraud.

Some of them have been in office for more than 10 years, not allowing any others to gain responsibility in sports associations.

Among them are many who had never taken part in a sport at national level and even punished for wrongdoing.

The new regulations prevent persons without competitive experience in the respective sport from running for office.

Critics also welcome the requirement to appoint a representative of the respective schools sports association as president or vice president of the national level association.

In recent times, there have been clashes between national and schools associations due to an absence of coordination, denying talented sports personnel to reach national level.