Mar 21, 2017

Low quality cricket nets racket exposed Featured

Details of supplying the low quality cricket nets for nine international stadiums and other cricket grounds causing millions of rupees loss for Sri Lanka cricket have been revealed.  
A supplier who had supplied Sri Lanka Cricket with a stock of sub-standard cricket practice nets for all cricket grounds, had been blacklisted with immediate effect and payments would not be made until a new stock is supplied, Sri Lanka Cricket sources said.

A Sri Lanka Cricket official said that the supplier will no longer be permitted to participate in future tenders.

The supplier has adhered to stringent protocol procedures and had even produced samples which were in line with the necessary requirements. However upon inspection it was revealed that he had supplied inferior nets.

The management of SLC has halted all payments and has requested the supplier to re supply the quality nets. 
The substandard ones would be removed indefinitely and stern action would be taken against the official who was behind the deal, official added.