Dec 30, 2021

SLC CEO gets huge pay rise while others have none! (Exclusive) Featured

Sri Lanka Cricket CEO Ashley de Silva's annual salary increase is Rs. 400,000 this year, Sri Lanka Mirror learns.

Over the past few years he has received salary increments by hundreds of thousands and his monthly salary, including allowances, is now said to be two million.

The pay rise has been approved by the executive council following a request by him to compare the salaries of cricket executives in other countries.

He had been given this pay rise despite the fact that other employees of the cricket board had not been given any pay rises for several years.

It is noteworthy that this CEO has been given such a huge pay rise despite a number of serious allegations against him.

He is accused of sending dollars to a private American account, sending a Sri Lankan team to a T10 tournament in Dubai without approval, misappropriating money and soliciting sexual bribes from female workers.

Two cases are pending in this regard and a complaint lodged by Avishka Gunawardena regarding the T10 tournament with the Police Investigation Unit of the Ministry of Sports is still being investigated.