Jan 10, 2022

Djokovic wins court case over visa issue

Tennis star Novak Djokovic has won a court battle challenging the cancellation of his Australian visa, in a case that has drawn global attention.

The judge Anthony Kelly agreed with Djokovic’s lawyers who argued that border officials failed to give valid notice of the intention to cancel the visa.

Accordingly, Judge Kelly has ruled that Djokovic's visa cancellation order is "quashed" immediately, which means Djokovic's visa is now valid and he can enter Australia.

While the court has ruled in Djokovic's favour, government lawyer Chris Tran said Australia's immigration minister may consider canceling Djokovic's visa again.

Under Australia's immigration law, the minister has exceptional powers and discretion to cancel visas for whatever reason. Mr Tran did not specify the grounds under which Djokovic's visa could be canceled again.

The judge noted that if the minister made that decision, Djokovic could be banned for three years from Australia.

(BBC News)

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