Jun 04, 2017

Brother suspects foul play in Wedisinghe’s death (video)

The brother of the late Ananda Wedisinghe has cast suspicions over the circumstances that had led to the death of the motorsports rider, and says he suspects foul play.

In a facebook posting along with a video of the accident, Niroshan Wedisinghe says it seems to be intentional.

The fb posting says,

Screen Shot 2017 06 04 at 7.52.20 AM

this is the slow motion clip from the accident between Suraj Perera and Ananda Wedisinghe....I have questions from All Riders and All the people who love racing and know about racing.

1. Does it look like suraj trying to take the bend at all?
(the bikes collide its true but see where it collide? bikes collide in the far corner of that bend, now suraj or any one can take that bent coming at a speed like that, as far it seems Suraj is trying to cut of Ananda Wedisinghe from the bend)
2. as the bikes collide surajs leg lifts up and seems he is kicking Ananda Wedisinghe's bike intentionally.
I have no personal issue with suraj cz my brothers is dead, but this doesnt seems like and real accident it seems he wanted to this, but unfortunate for him as well since he fell off aswell.

I don't know may be I am wrong, but I am leaving this video for your eyes to decide..

Many of those who have posted comments agree with Niroshan Wedisinghe.