Jun 05, 2017

Susanthika to auction Olympic medal

Sri Lanka’s only female Olympic medalist, Susanthika Jayasinghe says that she will have to auction her silver medal.

According to the newspaper - Divaina, Susanthika says she has decided to do so as she is without funds to look after her two children.

z p18 susanthikaJayasinghe said the incumbent government had stopped paying her salary for working as an adviser to the Sports Ministry. She had been an advisor at the Sports Ministry for selecting and training competitors for international athletic events.

Responding to the newspaper with regard to this issue, sports minister Dayasiri Jayasekera has refuted the above claims.

"All these charges are untrue. Although she was appointed as a ministry adviser, she does not even come to the ministry. However, we have paid her Rs. 60,000 each month. How can she level charges even without doing her duty properly?"

"She is creating this hullabaloo with an ulterior motive. That is to migrate to Australia. That is the reason. Those days, she levelled false charges against the then sports minister - S.B. Dissanayake. Today, she is doing the same to me," he adds.