Nov 08, 2017

Tilaka appointed netball coach

The current coach of the Brunei Netball Team, Tilaka Jinadasa has been appointed as the new coach of the Sri Lankan team, according to unofficial sources.

The nominations have been submitted to the Sports Ministry Selection Committee while the selections were held by a three member panel at the National Sports Institute yesterday (07).

However, there had been a battle between the Netball National Coach Hyacinth Wijesinghe and Tilaka Jinadasa, while the selection was made based on their domestic and international performance during the past 5-10 years.

The three member selection panel consisted of Netball President Triksy Nanayakkara, Wimala Jayaweera and  Dr. Lakshman Edirisinghe while Sajith Jayalal acted as an observer on behalf of the Sports Ministry.

While the current National Netball Coach Hyacinth Wijesinghe and Somitha de Alwis were present at the interviews, Tilaka Jinadasa who is currently serving as the Brunei Netball Coach joined the interview via skype.
However, the current Coach of the Junior Netball Team, Amalka Gunatillake was not present at the interviews.

The selection interview which was scheduled to be held on September 29, had to be postponed indefinitely as the criteria for selection had not been submitted to the Sports Ministry. But, the Netball Association had later taken measures to submit the criteria to the Sports Minister and the Ministry, which enables the holding of selection interviews yesterday.