Nov 23, 2016

FB video earns fmr. cricketers a fine

Former Test cricketers Shane Warne, Kevin Pietersen and Michael Slater have been fined $300 (£177) for not wearing seatbelts after Warne posted a video of them in a moving car.

The four-minute Facebook video was filmed after day three of Australia's Test match against South Africa, where the men had been working as TV pundits.

Towards the end of the footage, the trio all put their belts on.

But Tasmania police were alerted to the infringement and reviewed the video.

In a statement, the authorities said: "Tasmania police remind motorists that seatbelts save lives and urge drivers to insist their passengers buckle up too."

Former Australian captain Mark Taylor was driving the van and former wicketkeeper Ian Healy was a passenger in the front seat, but both were wearing seatbelts.

(BBC Sport)