Ali Sabry calls for comprehensive cricket reforms



Foreign Minister Ali Sabry, who also chairs the Cabinet Sub-Committee examining issues within Sri Lanka Cricket, has called for substantial reforms in the nation’s cricketing infrastructure. 

The statement follows recent disappointments in the ICC World Cup 2023 and ICC T20 World Cup, which Minister Sabry views as indicative of deeper, systemic problems.

Minister Sabry emphasized that these challenges cannot be resolved with short-term solutions. 

Instead, he advocates for a “bold, professional approach” to free Sri Lankan cricket from those who have mismanaged it for personal gain. “Cricket is the heartbeat of Sri Lanka,” Sabry noted, highlighting the sport’s historical role in uniting the nation and bringing joy and pride to its people.

Key Points from the Minister’s Statement:

Cricket’s National Importance : 

Sabry stressed that cricket is not merely a sport but a reflection of Sri Lankan national spirit. Success should be measured by on-field victories and the inspiration it brings to the populace, rather than financial metrics.

Need for Reform : 

As chairman of the Cabinet Sub-Committee, Sabry underscored the urgent need for comprehensive reforms. He cited a report presented to President Ranil Wickremesinghe on January 1, 2024, which outlines a clear path forward for these reforms.

Legislative Changes :

The report recommends new legislation to overhaul the sports law and constitution governing Sri Lanka Cricket, a move seen as critical for the sport’s revival.

Sub-Committee’s Focus Areas:

1. Structural Reforms: Evaluating and proposing changes to the composition and structure of Sri Lanka Cricket.

2. Administration and Coaching: Enhancing the framework for administering, coaching, and ensuring the well-being of players across all levels, including national men’s and women’s teams, as well as under-19 and under-17 teams.

3. Good Governance : Implementing best practices to ensure transparency, professionalism, and accountability, benchmarking against successful systems in other test-playing countries.

4. Grassroots Development**: Revamping the feeder structure, including schools, district, provincial, and club-level cricket, to ensure meritocracy, equality, and equity.

Read the final report of the cabinet sub-committee 

Final report of the Cabinet… by Adaderana Online


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