New record for Tharushi



Tharushi Karunarathna set an Asian Continental record in the Women’s 600m event at the Bilbao International Invitational Track and Field Athletic Meet in Spain.  

Karunarathna, participating in a Women’s 600m event for the first time, returned a time of 1:24.84s and went on to secure second place in this event.   

The meet was held targeting the 2024 Paris Olympic Games in France. The previous Women’s 600m Women’s Asian Continental record of 1:28.06s was held by Ayano Shomi of Japan in 2022.  

Bender Oboya of Australia with a time of 1:24.53s won first place while Maria de Lima of Brazil clocked 1:25.34s to claim third place.  

Meanwhile,  Kalinga Kumarage, participating in the Men’s 400m event, came third, clocking 45.91s. 


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