SLC apologizes for prize-money error



Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) issued an apology for an embarrassing mistake during the presentation ceremony at the conclusion of the first Test between Sri Lanka and Pakistan in Galle. 

Pakistan captain Babar Azam was handed a presentation cheque that showed two different amounts in prize money, an image of which was widely circulated on social media. 

The cheque shows the prize money to be US dollars 2000 in writing, but US dollars 5000 in figures. 

While clarifying that the winning team received US dollars 5000, SLC in a media statement said, “We express our regret for the error that was caused in the ‘presentation cheque’ awarded to the winner of the concluded 1st test match between the two teams.”

“The post-match presentation awards are prepared by the Ground Rights Holder for Sri Lanka’s inbound tours, which in this case is ITW Consulting, which has acquired the rights for the period of 2023–27.”

“Nevertheless, Sri Lanka Cricket, as the governing body of the game, will take total responsibility for the mishap and wish to promise the cricket-loving public that in the future, steps will be taken to ensure that such ‘errors’ are avoided,” SLC also said in its statement.


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