SLC ends contract with Tom Moody



Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) has parted ways with its Director of Cricket Tom Moody, after mutually agreeing for the former Australia international cricketer to exit his contract.

SLC confirmed this decision, made less than a month before Sri Lanka begins their Men’s T20 World Cup 2022 campaign, stating that as Moody was appointed by the now defunct Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) under former Sports Minister Namal Rajapaksa, SLC no longer requires Moody’s services.

Appointed as Director of Cricket last February on a three-year contract, Moody was reportedly paid $1,850 a day plus expenses for the 100 days a year he was expected to spend in the country.

An AFP report on Monday cited a senior cricket source who did not wish to be named as saying that SLC “could not afford his fees in the long run”, despite having savings of over $40 million.

“We also feel we need a person who is more hands-on, who can spend more time in Sri Lanka,” the source added.

Moody and the TAC drew up a performance based pay structure for players, which was initially resisted by the national squad, but they subsequently caved after it was made clear they would not be considered for selection unless they accepted the contracts.


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