Poor revenue puts SLRC in tight spot!



The Chairman and Director General of Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation (SLRC) has made plans to give 80 perches from its land to a private university based on a 30-year lease.
The land demarcation in this regard was conducted on Friday (22) while a meeting was ongoing between the Chairman and all the union officials at the Chairman’s office.
It was reported that the land is to be leased out to the private university for Rs.1,100 million.  The employees said that the SLRC, which is currently running at a loss, has more than Rs.1,000 million in debt.
Meanwhile, SLRC internal sources said that the employees are accusing the JVP trade union members of being backward.
Meanwhile, previous SLRC Chairman Sonala Gunawardana’s decision to give the network’s YouTube rights to “IdeaHell” company which is owned by Dilith Jayaweera has reduced the revenue of the network by half.
The YouTube revenue that was previously received directly by the SLRC is now received by the company called “IdeaHell”.
It was reported that neither the current SLRC Chairman nor its Director General has investigated the reason for the decrease in its income even after the value of the US Dollar has increased.
Meanwhile, a very reliable source said that getting back the money owed to the SLRC from “IdeaHell” has become difficult.
A case is currently pending in the Court of Appeal against the transfer of rights to manage the YouTube channels of the SLRC to “IdeaHell” from “Wishmitha Enterprises” at the will of the former Chairman.


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