Shots fired at house of Samson’s grandson on a family contract?



Police suspect that the shooting attack on the house of DSI Samson Group (Pvt) Ltd Executive Director Sajith Rajapaksa, who is also the grandson of DSI founder Samson Rajapaksa, was carried out as per a contract given by one of his family members to the perpetrators.

Initial investigations revealed that the shots were fired at the gate of Mr. Rajapaksa’s residence at Cross Road in Borella early yesterday morning in an attempt to threaten him.

Police said that there was an ongoing dispute among the three shareholders on the company’s board of directors.

Although no one was injured in this shooting, further investigations are underway to find the perpetrators.

Uditha Egalahewa is the Chairman of DSI Samson Group and Kasun Rajapaksa is the General Manager.

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Shots fired at house of Samson Rajapaksa’s grandson


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