102 left with fractures after Beijing subway accident



A total of 515 people were sent to the hospital for examination, among whom 102 were found with fractures, after the subway train accident Thursday evening on the Changping line in Beijing, and no death was recorded, local authorities said Friday.

Preliminary investigations showed that slippery tracks caused by snow led to the emergency braking and halt of a train in front. The rear train, situated in a downhill section, experienced sliding and failed to brake effectively, resulting in a collision with the front train, according to the Beijing Municipal Commission of Transport.

As of 6 a.m. on Friday, 423 people had left the hospital, 25 were under medical observation, and 67 others were hospitalized, the commission said.

The municipal government has organized an investigation team to further probe into the cause of the accident and evaluate the emergency response.

The Chinese capital was hit by heavy snow on Thursday.



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