Dec 20, 2016

Tragedy strikes Berlin Christmas market

At least 12 have died after a truck plowed through a Christmas market late Monday in Berlin, turning a traditional center of holiday festivities into a bloodbath.

Around 48 were injured in the incident which is being investigated as a possible terror attack.

The truck jumped the sidewalk about 8 pm wreaking havoc at the market, which is at Breitscheidplatz, close to the Kurfuerstendamm, the main shopping street in the city's west.

The police said they later arrested a man near the scene who was suspected of driving the truck, which had been stolen from a worksite in Poland about a two-hour drive from Berlin. A passenger, identified by the authorities as a Polish national, was found dead in the cab.

German Interior Minister Mr de Maiziere told ARD television: "I don't want to use the word 'attack' yet at the moment, although many things speak for it.

However, US President-elect Donald Trump blamed "Islamist terrorists" for a "slaughter" of Christians in the German capital.

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