Dec 22, 2016

India to fine airlines for 'dropping' poo

An environmental court had ruled that airlines in India will be fined 50,000 rupees ($736; £594) if their planes release human waste from toilets in the air.

The National Green Tribunal, also directed the regulator to ensure "that aircraft on landing shall be subjected to surprise inspection to see that human waste tanks are not empty", the Press Trust of India reported.

"If any aircraft is found to be violating such circular or [their] tanks are found empty on landing, they shall be subjected to environment compensation of 50,000 rupees per default," the court said.

The order followed a plea by a retired army officer who accused airlines of dumping human waste over Delhi's residential areas.

The officer said the "walls and floors" of the terrace of his house near the airport "are splattered with large patches of excreta dumped by aircraft flying in front of the airport".

Frozen human waste often forms around the overflow outlets for aeroplane toilets, and then falls to earth.

They are called "blue ice" because of the chemicals added to the toilets in planes to reduce odour and break down the waste. Blue ice falls are unusual, but not unheard of.