Jan 19, 2017

Indian woman held for acid attack on ex-lover Featured

A woman has been arrested in the southern Indian city of Bangalore for throwing acid on her ex-boyfriend.
The man told the police that he had recently ended his relationship with the woman after four years.

According to police in the city, it's the first time they have dealt with a case of a woman throwing acid on a man.

Estimates say more than 1,000 acid attacks a year take place in India - in almost all cases men carry out the attacks and women are the victims.

"One can say this is the first case in the West Division of Bangalore police. As per our records of 12 years, there is no other such case of a woman attacking a man with acid," deputy commissioner of police MN Anucheth told BBC Hindi's Imran Qureshi.

"The acid fell on the right side of Jayakumar Purushottam's face, burning his ear, cheek and temple."

Mr Purushottam, 32, told police that his ex-girlfriend Lydia Yeshpaul, who worked as a nurse, threw acid on him before slashing his face with a scalpel.

He added that Ms Yeshpaul wanted to marry him, but his parents rejected the relationship because the two were from different religions.

Mr Purushottam said that he ended the relationship three months ago, and started looking for another girl to marry.

"This infuriated her, leading to the acid attack," he added.

Passers-by took him to hospital. She was detained soon after.

Lydia Yeshpaul was due to appear in court later on Wednesday where police will seek to place her in judicial custody.

She faces charges of attempted murder.