Nov 05, 2019

Indian SC slam officials over deadly Delhi smog

India's top court has accused state governments of "passing the buck" on air pollution and failing to take action to tackle Delhi's toxic smog.

The Supreme Court said authorities were only interested in "gimmicks", rather than concrete measures to combat pollution levels.

Levels of dangerous particles in the air - known as PM2.5 - are at well over 10 times safe limits in the capital.

City authorities have responded by launching a car rationing system.

The fight against air pollution in three global cities

"Delhi is choking every year and we are unable to do anything," said Supreme Court Justice Arun Mishra. "The state machinery is not acting… They are passing the buck to each other... Everybody is interested in gimmicks and elections."

From 4 to 15 November, cars with odd or even number plates will only be allowed on the roads on alternate days, officials said. Such a system has been used before but it is not clear if it helps lower pollution levels.