Apr 12, 2020

Easter celebrations continue under lockdown (Pics) Featured

Christians celebrate the world with Easter celebrations, experimenting with new forms of worship as lockdown in many countries.

Some clergy have been preaching to empty churches in their various watch services online this Easter Saturday.

But in other countries traditions continue as normal, ignoring calls for tougher restrictions to the coronavirus pandemic.

(Pics : BBC News)

001Worshippers gathered at a graveyard in Herasti, Romania, as part of traditional Orthodox celebrations on Saturday. (AFP)

002Like many around the globe, this church in Quezon City, the Philippines, streamed its Easter Sunday service online. (EPA)

003With lockdown measures in place, many Christians watched services from their homes - including this family in Melbourne, Australia. (EPA)

004Pastors wore masks during Sunday worship at a church in the South Korean capital Seoul. (GETTY Images)

005But in Belarus the government has ignored calls to impose stricter measures, prompting worshippers to attend a ceremony as normal at this Catholic church in Dvorets. (Reuters)

006Meanwhile social distancing rules are in place across areas of Germany. Clergy at a church in Oberhausen held their service in front of portraits of those unable to attend. (AFP)

007A drive-through Easter event was also organised by a church in the US state of Massachusetts, where children dressed as chicks and rabbits. (GETTY Images)

008In the Polish town of Zakopane, a priest sprinkled holy water on worshippers while driving by on a horse-drawn cart. (Reuters)

009This priest gave blessings from the back of a van in the Chilean capital, Santiago. (Reuters)