Apr 14, 2020

India's lockdown extended

India’s grinding lockdown, which has already led to economic disruption and social distress, has been extended until May 03.

In a public address, Mr Modi said the nation-wide lockdown will be extended until May 03.

He acknowledged that many people faced difficulties with food and transport. "But you all did this for the nation like a disciplined soldier. I pay my respect to all of you," he said.

He said the decision was taken after consultations with states.

He appealed to people to keep following the measures.

However, by the time of Mr. Modi's address, the states of Maharashta, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Telengana, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Pondicherry, West Bengal and Orissa have already taken measures to extend the lockdown.

(Excerpts : BBC News)