Apr 17, 2020

Chinese economy shrinks ; Wuhan death toll up by 50%

China's economy has shrank for the first time in decades in the first quarter of the year, as the virus forced factories and businesses to close.

The world's second biggest economy contracted 6.8% according to official data released on Friday.

The financial toll the coronavirus is having on the Chinese economy will be a huge concern to other countries.

China is an economic powerhouse as a major consumer and producer of goods and services.

This is the first time China has seen its economy shrink in the first three months of the year since it started recording quarterly figures in 1992.

Wuhan increases death toll figures by 50%

Meanwhile, in the Chinese city of Wuhan - from where the Covid-19 virus was initially reported, - has revised its Covid-19 death toll up by 1,290, to 3,869 - an increase of 50%

The BBC's Robin Brant said the total was increased to include some of those who died outside hospital, and because of some delayed reports.

(BBC News)