Feb 23, 2017

Skyscraper dangling stunt lands model in trouble

Remember the model who dangled from the top of a Dubai skyscraper without a harness or protective gear?

Well, looks like her stunt made her end up in trouble with the Dubai police.

According to the UK’s ‘The Sun’, the model has been forced to sign a statement vowing to never do it again.

Major General Halil Ibragim Al-Mansuri, of the Dubai Police, said: "The actions of the Russian woman put her life at risk."

He added that it was important that residents of Dubai understood that such dangerous activities should not be performed without safety equipment and the permission of the authorities.

Viki Odintsova's video of her hair-raising stunt went viral but many viewers were shocked, with one saying she is "the beauty with no brains".

However, the model says that the authorities should have thanked her for highlighting the lack of security of the Cayan Tower after she and her team made it onto the rooftop without being challenged.

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